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Tom Gavaghan


Over my 27 years in the hospitality industry, I’ve seen some fundamental challenges, impacting both the ‘Giants’ of the industry, as well as the smaller independent ‘Red Lions’. But what has remained constant is that a willingness to seek outside ideas is just as important as experience and know-how.

The ‘tried-and-tested’ ways of old are no longer guaranteed to work, and consumers’ expectations have changed greatly over time. That’s why we offer a new perspective - one that can bring clarity and solutions to long standing issues, along with the energy and direction you need to get onto a path towards future progress and business growth.

— Tom Gavaghan, The Pub Doctor

Our approach has been developed over many years. Since every business is different, there is no ‘secret formula’ for success — but the work we do and the solutions we provide are always built on three founding principles.



Understanding the day-to-day practical needs of a business is important, but so too is a wider appreciation of the industry and recognition of the many external factors that generate ripples and affect businesses of every size.



The significance of the correct mindset is often overlooked but everything we do is focused on aligning thinking. A small shift in attitude can frequently have big effects in achieving goals and results for teams of all sizes.



We give you and your team practical tools and methods that can be applied to many scenarios. Being able to fix problems is one thing, but by teaching the art of problem solving your team will be better prepared for the future.