About the Pub Doctor

Whether you want to make sure your first pub is a hit with the locals, or you’re looking to expand your chain of bars into new areas, The Pub Doctor can help you achieve your ambition. Tom Gavaghan and his team of carefully-selected experts offer support in all areas of hospitality.


The Inspiration

After over 25 years in hospitality, Tom Gavaghan had seen it all. From working behind the bar to running front of house, from owning successful bars and hotels to consulting for huge national chains - he’d seen every side of the hospitality sector.

Finding himself with a unique understanding of the industry and the people who work in it, Tom decided to set up The Pub Doctor — a consultancy firm with a passion for helping those in the hospitality sector.

Now, Tom and his team of likeminded professionals, each with their own area of expertise, offer support and guidance to everyone from first-time pub owners to nationwide bar chains.

The Mission

Building any business is a challenge, and the hospitality industry has more than its fair share of complications, procedures and red tape. Add to that the day-to-day challenges of running a pub or bar, and at times it can seem quite overwhelming.

The Pub Doctor’s mission is to give the support, advice and guidance you need to make sense of the nonsense, to recognise where your opportunities for success and growth lie, and to help you through every stage of the process — taking your business to the heights you want to take it.

The Approach

At the core of The Pub Doctor approach to consultancy is honesty. Tom and the team offer unbiased advice, based on your own personal needs and the needs of your business. They’ll set you achievable targets, and give you help in every area, from financial planning to staff training. All of this is offered with a unique blend of expert knowledge, a passionate attitude, and the right skills for the job.

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