Our Approach

The ‘How not to do it’ and ‘How to do it’ are two, equally important lessons.

Tom Gavaghan – The Pub Doctor

Over the last two decades, the hospitality industry has been subject to pressures and strains from the wider economy, as well as shifts in consumer attitudes. Our approach is to take a holistic view and survey the various issues that we face within the industry, so that we can adapt accordingly.

Brewers and chains face difficulties which may seem very different to those in a tenanted or independent position, but what is similar is the ecosystem in which they operate and the effects that are reflected on the bottom line.

We address the problems by actioning change from within. Be that with a single landlord, or an entire management team — we change attitudes and prepare you for success.


A wealth of first-hand experience with industry ‘Giants’, Tenants, Leaseholders and Freeholders gives the Pub Doctor a unique view of the industry landscape. Appreciating the different roles within various sectors and grasping that each face their own challenges and limitations is the first step to being able to solve problems, improve processes and affect sales.

Deciphering the true nature of a business issue is crucial to solving it and The Pub Doctor uses a variety of methods and tools, including Mystery Shopping and Hands-on Training, to inspect and deconstruct the hot-spots that may or may not be on your radar.


Once obstacles have been identified, an effective attitude can be adopted to ensure that progress and then success is achieved. As a qualified hypnotherapist, The Pub Doctor can train thinking and transform mindsets to focus on the positive results and influence behaviour change. Using Neurolinguistic Programming, old negative habits can be addressed and unsuccessful routines of the past can be replaced with tried and tested mental strategies that are geared towards positive outcomes.

The realities of the industry and self-improvement within it mean that sometimes a degree of honesty is needed and so we believe our retreats should be a welcoming, relaxed and fun environment where people feel comfortable.


We work with you and your team to deliver skills that have practical applications. The goals we set are not predetermined or straight out of a manual - instead we tailor milestones together, so the direction we take is based on the results you require.

Customising the skills we develop mean that after working with us, you and your team will not only be fully prepared to meet the challenges you face within your business now, but will be capable of tackling anything the industry throws at you in the future.

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